8 Aug


शाम के धुंधलके में जब,
घर से बाहर निकलता हूँ ;
देखता हूँ सड़क किनारे,
चीथड़ों में सिमटी हुई साँसें ;
माँ के आँचल से झाँकतीं,
वो खामोश ऑंखें,
ताकतीं हैं मेरी ओर ;
मौन हैं पर,
चुभो देतीं हैं हज़ारों नश्तर
उन सवालों के,
जो साथ आये थे लिपटे हुए उसके,
माँ के पेट से ही ;
रोंगटे खड़े होने लगते हैं मेरे, और
सिहर के जब फेर लेता हूँ,
अपनी आँखें सड़क के दूसरी ओर,
नज़र आता है जीवन …..
अपने पिता की उंगली थामे हुए,
 वो नन्हा फ़रिश्ता ;
आइसक्रीम की चुस्कियां लेता हुआ,
कितना सुकून देता है मन को ;
अपने मन को समझाता हूँ,
जीवन यही है, सच यही है ;
पीछे जो देखा वो,
है उसकी करनी का फल ;
और ये सब सोच कर बन जाता हूँ अनजान,
ये जानते हुए भी कि 
मेरी पीठ पर अब भी चुभ रहीं हैं,
उस मासूम की प्यासी आँखें ;
और, भूल जाता हूँ कि 
रोंगटे अभी भी खड़े हैं हैं मेरे ……

Yahya khan hinted about Indo-Pak war 10 days in advance.

16 Jan

Recent declassified documents
show ex-Pakistani President Yahya Khan told a U.S.
journalist he planned on attacking India 10 days
before the 1971 war began. Documents from the Indian External Affairs Ministry
show Yahya told New Yorker magazine
correspondent Bob Sharpley that he would be “at
the front within 10 days,” The Daily Star reported
Sunday. Within 10 days of this conversation, Pakistan
launched air attacks on military targets in
northwest India on Dec. 3, 1971. Indian Prime Minister Indira Gandhi called the airstrikes a declaration of war on the country. India
launched an integrated ground, sea and airstrike of
East Pakistan, now Bangladesh. After the attacks, then U.S. Ambassador to India
Kenneth Barnard Keating met with Indian Foreign
Secretary T.N. Kaul in New Delhi to discuss Yahya
and Sharpley’s conversation. “They [Sharpley and Khan] were returning from a
party and the President had taken a few drinks
when Bob asked him that he would like to see him
again. President Yahya Khan said that he would be
happy to see him, to which the correspondent
replied that he would ring him up within 10 days. To this President Yahya Khan said that he may be at
the front by that time so he had better make it very
soon,” Keating told Kaul. On Dec. 6, 1971, India recognized Bangladesh as
an independent country. Ten days after that,
Pakistan surrendered unconditionally to India.

attacks on Iranian nuclear programme ; the inside story.

12 Jan

Yesterday, another Iranian nuclear scientist was killed in a car bombing in Tehran.
Mostafa Ahmadi Roshan was the latest victim of a series of attacks on some of the key players of Iranian nuclear programme. The attack came around the second anniversary of the death of another scientist. Masood Ali Mohammadi was blown up outside his home by a remote controlled bomb which was planted on a motorcycle parked outside his apartment. Besides these two prominent and high value target killings, a number of similar attacks have been carried out in the recent past aiming at sabotaging Iranian nuclear programmes.
Mostafa was a prominent part of the famous Natanz enrichment facility and was working on an important project. The assassination of such an important scientist would seriously cripple the Iranian nuclear programme.

Although no one has claimed a responsibility, the modus operandi is pointing it’s finger towards the Israel.
Israeli intelligence agency, The Mossad, in the past has carried out such attacks, like the systematic killings of terrorists responsible of black september killings. The Mossad agents are known to operate very effectively in middle east, waging covert operations and assassinations in the past. They also have all the assets required to carry out such an operation. Iran has accused the state of Israel and the western powers for the recent bombing, and as is inmperative, Israel had totally denied the accusations.

In defiance of western pressure, Iran this week began uranium enrichment at Fordo facility near the holy city of Qom, in an underground bunker like site.

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12 Jan

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